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Welcome to, which is an informational website for our customers. Please read the following basic rules governing the use of

When booking an accommodation, the following conditions enter into force, which govern the booking agreement – Sol & Playa Rentals – of the accommodation between you as tenant, henceforth the client. Sol y Playa Rentals has the contractual permission of the owner or property manager to sign this booking agreement on your behalf.

  1. Use of the Website

By using the Website, you declare that you are 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18 years of age you must refrain from using the website. The parents, guardians or guardians of children under the age of 18 who use the Website are fully and exclusively responsible for their use of the Website, including, without limitation, any charges or costs incurred as a result of such use. If you do not agree to any and all terms, refrain from using the Website.

  1. Reservation & Reservation Agreement

All reservations are formalized by booking confirmation. The reservation will be valid after the client completes all the required reservation processes depending on whether the property is for short or long-term. The client must pay in full upon check-in at the property, which includes the rental amount plus security deposit. The customer must also provide all the information required by the agent.

Customers must book only by email or WhatsApp, with a confirmation message of dates and indicate the house they wish to book according to availability.

  1. House Prices

Rates for each property are set per night and for the number of people each home can accommodate. Rates vary if extra people are added, and this depends on each property with respect to whether additional people/occupants are allowed or not. These rates are, unless otherwise stated in the booking confirmation.

Electricity prices are depend on each property. Please check that each house has an amount of electricity per day that, if exceeded, they must pay extra per kilowatt usage, which is measured at the time of entering the property. A picture of the meter is taken at check-in and at check-out to ensure the accuracy of the consumption for each client.

For long-term stays, the client must pay for all the extra utilities that are added to the monthly rent amount.

  1. Security deposit

On the day of arrival, the client must pay a security deposit as a guarantee for compensation for any damage (of any kind) that might occur in the rented accommodation. This deposit will be refunded in full after departure (for stays under 1 month), provided no damage has been caused. For stays longer than 1 month the security deposit is returned 3 days later.

Reasons for non-return (partial) of the security deposit:

• Do not respect accommodation, furniture, and facilities.

• Do not return all keys given upon arrival.

• Do not respect check-out time (unless otherwise agreed: 11:00am-12:00pm depending on the property)

• Do not leave the accommodation clean (e.g., trash must be removed, do not leave dirty dishes, etc.)

• Extra electricity consumption will be deducted from the


• Parties at the property

• Number of extra people invited to the property

• Volume of music depending on the rules of development, which is established in the rental agreement.

  1. Cancellation of the reservation agreement by the customer

If the client decides to cancel then he will forgo any deposit made in advance.

  1. Customer obligations

Occupancy of the rented accommodation is limited to the number of people mentioned in the booking agreement. Sol & Playa Rentals has the right to refuse entry to the accommodation in the case that this number of occupants is exceeded, without this having any right to compensation, Sol & Playa Rentals may decide to increase the rental price by the amount considered based on the per person/per day price for the corresponding accommodation.

The customer must respect the rules between the neighbors and local municipal regulations. In the event of negligence or improper behavior, Sol & Playa Rentals reserves the right to cancel the booking agreement with immediate effect and without prior notice, which may result in the loss of the security deposit and rental amounts paid by the client.

Pets are only allowed if this has been requested in advance and confirmed (with explicit approval) in writing with Sol & Playa Rentals and set out in the rental agreement. All the accommodations offered by Sol & Playa Rentals are strictly for holidays. Professional photographs, film recordings, parties, or weddings in and around the accommodation are only permitted after written permission and set out in the rental agreement.

  1. Incidents and conflicts

Incidents or complaints regarding the rental accommodation should be reported immediately to Sol Playa Rental. Sol & Playa Rentals will do everything possible to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

If, however, the problem is not resolved satisfactorily, the client must inform Sol & Playa Rentals of the complaint in writing during the stay. Complaints that are communicated after departure cannot be treated as such. Sol & Playa Rentals is available to the client during the entire rental period to help solve all minor problems and do everything possible to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

  1. Check in/ check out

On the day of arrival,the accommodation will be available from 2:00pm depending on each property and what is stated in the rental contract. Early check-in can be requested, which will be honored, as far as possible, but can only be confirmed on the day of arrival.

A few days before the day of arrival, the client will receive a message from Sol & Playa Rentals informing them of the contact person, the meeting time and the place for check-in. Check out time is 12:00pm depending on each property client may request a late check out but has a price depending on each property and is subject to availability.

  1. House rules

The rules for each property will be in the rental contract, and it is established that if they fail to comply with this they will be immediately removed from the property or charges will be applied depending on each property.

  1. Cookies

The user of the site knows and accepts that Sol & Playa Rentals uses “cookies” of third parties that allow us to obtain data linked to the preferences of its visitors from which no identifying data is extracted; it is only a technical process in the course of business to improve the experience, navigation, enabling the visitor, in own sites and of third parties, the display of advertising, promotions, banners and commercial initiatives.

We also use cookies to personalize the experience and content of the site and tailor our product offerings. Cookies are text files sent by a website that are stored in the visitor’s browser. You have the option of preventing your browser from accepting cookies, and in such a case, Sol & Playa Rentals does not guarantee or be responsible for the malfunction of the services and contents offered through its website.

  1. Indemnity

The User is expressly and irrevocably bound to maintain absolutely harmless Sol & Playa Rentals, with respect to any claim and/or claim and/or penalty extrajudicial, administrative, or judicial, of any third party, derived from the use of the Website; or in case of verification of the existence of fines and/or debts of any type generated by the User or the activity of the same carried out in or through the Website.

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